Copper & Salt Salon

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Prices vary based on the level of each of our stylist. To know more about how our level system work check out our FAQ. All services are 'starts at' pricing. To get your custom pricing give us a call today!

- Where did the name 'Copper & Salt' come from?
It's kind of a long, round about way that the name came to be, so I'll try to be brief. 'Copper' represents the owner, Amanda, and her red/copper hair. 'Salt' has two different meanings. One is that our salon is located in Saline county, home of the famous salt bowl. The second and more meaningful meaning comes from Matthew 5:13 which states '"You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless."' When you come to Copper & Salt Salon my hope is that we will add flavor and richness to your lives, just as salt does to food.

- How do I get to the salon?
If you ever visited us as 'Escape Salon' we are still in the same location! If not you can follow the directions below.
Coming from Benton -
Take exit 123.
Go to red-light facing Chic-fil-a and take a left (Reynolds Rd) to cross back over the interstate.
Go to the red-light where it T's with AR-5 (CVS will be on your right) and take a right.
Pass Goodwill, Hallmark, and Gateway Bank.
You then will see a shopping center on your left, Northside Center, with a Bryant ice machine in the parking lot.
Take a left into that parking lot and you have arrived!!
Coming from Little Rock -
Take exit 123.
Turn right between Ashley's Furniture and the car wash (Marketplace Ave).
Go all the way to the stop sign where it T's with AR- 5.
Go straight across AR- 5 and you will be in our parking lot!!


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