StudioSizzle Hair Salon

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A team specializing in tailored and customized looks for each individual woman. Trends come and go, but classic beauty is forever. We care for all of our clients with integrity to the look and execution of quality.


We use craft haircolor containing argan oil and silk protein in addition to aloe vera and wheat protein that transform your hair into soft, healthy, radiant, youthful looking hair. Made with the finest dyes available, our haircolor lines deliver long lasting and vibrant color.  We use the elite in European haircoloring technology produced in Spain. Because of our dedication to these craft haircolor lines, we have the ability to cover gray 100% with a rich, translucent, high gloss finish, and our blonde colors stay pure iridescent blonde never turning brassy.


Training and truth come together to make a decision about your look that will work for you. We will give you the correct product regimen that will be effective for you after you leave the studio. Each woman's hair is different, so the advice and style will be tailored just for you. Paying attention to you as an individual sets us apart from other salons in the business. In short: you want to look fabulous, and we make it happen.


  • Professional Hair Services



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