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In December of 1976, Gary and Diane Richards opened Richards Farm Restaurant in a 1930’s barn that had been owned by the Richards family for many years. Gary’s family had used the barn to protect their livelihood – livestock and grain – but for many years it had sat empty.

After marrying in 1972 and purchasing the home place for their own, Gary and Diane decided to put the barn to use once again.
Two years of planning and dedicated work were involved, which included tearing down several nearby barns to salvage the necessary wood and materials needed to complete the authentic look envisioned by the owners.

At last the restaurant opened with quaint intimate dining areas appropriately known as the Corn Crib, the Back Forty, the Feedway and the Haymow. Later additions include South Place, the Lean-to, the Gate Room, the Stone Room and most importantly, the Willow Room – a 300 person banquet facility equipped with modern conveniences yet constructed of authentic recycled barn wood and adorned with rustic accents including an unusual custom-made horizontal ceiling fan.

Richards Farm Restaurant’s comfortable warm atmosphere and special ambiance allures guests from across the country. Like a sentinel guarding the past and protecting our heritage, Richards farm stands proudly among the neighboring farms as a symbol of natural integrity, country life-style and the American dream.

​Try our other two unique restaurants in Terre Haute, In. Stables Steakhouse, since 1998, and Mogger’s Pub and Restaurant, since 1996, both located on Poplar Street betwee 9th and 11th Streets. Mogger’s for a fun turn of the century pub atmosphere, featuring over 100 types of craft beers, and great sandwiches and appetizers. Stables for Steaks!! Well known for serving the area’s finest steaks in a rich, warm decor, filled with history and charm.

We welcome you to any of our Richards Family of Restaurants where we hope to make your experience wonderfully memorable.


  • Hot Bar
  • Soup, Salad & Bread Bar
  • Lunch Plate Specials
  • Sandwiches & Burgers



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