Sybaris Bistro

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Sybaris Bistro is dedicated to bringing the best of Oregon to your table. Located in a historic industrial building at the corner of First and Washington Avenues in downtown Albany, you can expect some of the best food in Oregon, served with equal parts eclecticism, classical preparation, and innovation. Sybaris Bistro offers a fresh menu every month, a spacious, upscale atmosphere, an extensive Northwest-centered wine list, and a full bar.

Everything we serve is made from scratch here at the restaurant unless I can find a commercial product that is better than what I feel I can make (Beaufou mustards, Nueskes bacon, etc). Yes, I make my own ketchup. We make the bread fresh every day. My pastry chef background ensures that all desserts are not only made in-house (including ice cream), but with the same attention to ingredients that the dinners receive. French chocolate, real cream without additives (read a cream label sometime), and pure Hawaiian cane sugar make our desserts worth boxing up some of your dinner to try.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the James Beard House in New York City to cook a meal representative of our style to show off the Northwest. We took great pains to ensure that the guests in New York received the Willamette Valley's food; we brought coolers of food on the plane and mailed our clothes to the hotel! We were ecstatic to go back to the Beard House to present “Willamette Valley Native Tribute”. We worked with The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. This was the first time the Beard House featured Native American foods and it was a huge success.



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